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Kevin has served as a police officer for over twenty years and is currently a supervisor at a local metropolitan police department. Kevin has been involved with training and teaching both firearms and SWAT tactics his entire career and is currently a sniper on his departments SWAT team. Kevin believes in the value of training both as an instructor and a student and has attended classes at Thunder Ranch ™, International Tactical Training Seminars™ Countermeasures Tactical™, Singleton International™, the Smith and Wesson Academy™, Viking Tactics™ and many others. He has received instructor / operator level training on the handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, patrol rifle and sniper rifle. He is a certified NRA instructor, a Colorado P.O.S.T. board instructor and currently serves as an instructor for his department as well as local police academies. Kevin has years of teaching experience at all levels, from people that have never held a gun before up to current and active police officers and SWAT team members.

Derek is currently a police officer in the Denver metro area and is assigned to the SWAT team as an operator. He is a certified firearms instructor by the NRA for handguns and rifles. He is also a firearms instructor for his police department. Prior to his current position as a police officer Derek served eight years in the Marine Corps. Derek was deployed three times overseas, two of which were in Iraq (2003 and 2005). Derek spent twelve months in combat operations and offers police officers and civilians first hand knowledge of the tactics, techniques and mindset to win gunfights.

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